Your Summer List of Home Improvements

home improvementsWith summer right around the corner it’s important to go over your list of home improvements. Below we’ve outlined some of the most common home improvement needs for homeowners during the hotter months. Make sure you’re keeping your home up to date with the following service checks:

1) Roofing: A roof that’s leaky roof that’s falling apart is very common in the summer time due to the hot sticky months. It will become evident that your roofing is leaking in the spring but it’s vital to get it repaired if needed in the summer.

2) Landscaping: With warm months and backyard drinks ahead, the summer is the perfect time to shape up your backyard and get some landscape maintenance and construction done. Hammerschlag Construction offers a variety of landscaping services and has years of experience with home landscaping projects.

3) Basement Waterproofing: Basement waterproofing is becoming more and more important these days with offbeat weather patterns and the extreme heat. The constant shift of hot to cold throughout the year causes a home’s foundation to shift drastically which can lead to cracks and water issues. If you suspect any issues call us today for a free assessment.

In addition to home renovations, Hammerschlag Construction offers roofing, landscaping and basement waterproofing services for your home improvement needs. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to help you – 416-662-9263