Tips to Consider when Remodeling Your Home in the Spring

Renovations for Spring 2015Before starting your home’s remodeling project this spring, here’s a few simple tips to focus on to get the most from your renovation.

1) Match Up Your Materials with the Neighbourhood

When remodeling your home, whether interior or exterior, make sure you match the design and remodeling materials with the local homes in your neighbourhood. Using older design & materials in a neighbourhood with newer homes will diminish the value of your home.

Ideally your new remodeling project should contain a current design and new materials that match the theme of the local homes.

2) Go with a Timeless Look

While “trendy” designs and materials are often attractive, they are soon out of date and diminish the resale value. Classic remodeling designs and looks will always increase the value of your home.

Resale value of the home is often the number 1 factor people consider when doing a home remodeling project, which ties into our next tip.

3) Look to Get the Most Value from Your Home’s Renovation

When looking to boost your homes resale value, focus on the projects that are going to bring the most return on your investment. To start, before you add in an addition or extra rooms, finish rooms or space that’s currently outdated or unfinished.

If necessary, focus on the exterior of the home first. This will depend on the current look and state of your home’s exterior but is one of the fastest ways to increase a home’s value before interior renovations.

Often times, this includes new siding, a new roof or even backyard landscape construction.

Spring is the perfect time for a new home renovation but before you get started on a renovation project, make sure you have the right remodeling company with the experience you’re looking for. Often times they’ll be able to guide you through the process and let you know what renovation and remodeling work will boost your home’s value.

Contact Hammerschlag Construction for a free consultation if you’re interested in a home renovation this spring – 416-662-9263


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