Preventing Water Damage This Spring

water damageAs the winter ends and spring approaches, the weather gets warmer and it seems everyone is much happier. As much as there’s a lot to celebrate with the warmer weather right around the corner, there’s also a few very important home items to take care to prevent damage and wallet busting problems.

With a lot of snow on the ground and the temperature rising, your homes walls, basement and foundation are susceptible to water damage. One major issue that is very common this time of the year is snow melting and having water that was sitting on the side of your home creep into the basement causing flooding and foundation problems.

In order to prevent any water damage to the home over the next few weeks and months we suggest doing the following maintenance around the home where snow seems to pile up:

  • Double check your eavestroughs to ensure there’s no leaks or holes where water can seep through
  • Extend the down spouts on your roofing as far away from the foundation as possible, this is a common error that causes many issues with the home’s foundation
  • Remove any large pileups of snow from around the foundation to relieve water pressure once the snow begins to thaw.

If you see any structural or water damage to the basement or foundation and you’d like a free inspection, call Hammerschlag Construction today. We specialize in basement foundation repair, basement remodeling and removing any water damage in the home.

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